Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Obama's Pick a Presidential Pooch!

Come April, the Obama family will have a new furry friend in the White House. After months of speculation, they have decided to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog. First lady Michelle Obama spilled the news to People Magazine along with a few potential pet names...Frank and Moose.

So what is it about the Portuguese Water Dog you ask? Rumor has it these fluffy pups have a wonderful temperament. Let's learn a little more about this soon to be First Dog of the United States.

Originating from the coasts of Portugal, this medium-sized breed is prized for its strength, spirit and soundness. Athletic and active, these dogs require vigorous exercise but are very intelligent and respond well to obedience training. For all of you with pet allergies, the Portuguese Water Dog's profuse coat is hypoallergenic. To learn more about Portuguese Water Dog's, visit Check out the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America ( for adoption information.

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Pet-Friendly Valentine's Day Guide

Valentine's Day has gone to the dogs and who better deserving of being lavished with gifts (other than yourself of course!) than your always loving, constant companion pup. Check out a list of Valentine-inspired pet-friendly gift ideas to help you spread the puppy love.

Pet-Friendly Valentine's Day Events -

  • This Valentine's Day, Show Your Love at Petco. Come get a photo taken of your pet and receive a Valentine for that someone special. All pets welcome Saturday, February 14 11am-2pm.

Pet-Friendly Gift Ideas -

Valentine's Day - Doggie Style

See more of my Valentine's Day - Doggie Style list at ThisNext.

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fur Hits the Field for Puppy Bowl V

The Pittsburgh Steelers may have walked away with a Super Bowl win but Puppy Bowl V was the game that walked away with our hearts! Returning for its fifth season, Puppy Bowl V kick started this year's extravaganza with "Pepper the Parrot" singing a unique rendition of the National Anthem. An all-star, all adoptable lineup of rambunctious pups than took the field for some fur-raising good times followed by a kitty half-time show. With so many cute pups, it was hard to pick a side. There were some intense romping and rolling with few injuries and a lot of slobber. We all hope that each and every pup finds a loving home!

All of the Puppy Players and Kitty Entertainers came from local Petfinder shelters. Visit Petfinder to browse over 300,000 listings of adoptable pets just waiting for a good home.

To check out clips from Puppy Bowl V and more information about the adorable four legged players, go to

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