Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pet Net Invasion - Check out the new social website for your pets

Do you ever wish you could live vicariously through your pet? Well, this might just be the next best thing.

Check out Unitedogs.com and Unitedcats.com, the new "Myspace" specifically created to focus on your pets. That's right, you can create your pets own blog, upload up to 50 pictures and chat with other pet lovers around the world.

Check it out and let Polka Dot Pup know what you think. Is it Bow Wow or Growl?


Hot-or-not for dogs launches

A bit more than a week ago, an Estonia-based United Dogs and Cats Ltd launched two social networking sites - one for dogs and other for cats. The sites are focused on pet websites with photos.

"We think there is just way too many social networking websites for humans out there. Think of MySpace, Facebook, orkut, hi5 and all the others — there's just so many of them!" the company says about their newborn sites Unitedogs.com and Unitedcats.com.

All dog and cat owners can upload up to 50 photos to their pet's profile and all pets can have their own blog set up, too. All for free, of course. And users can comment everything what they see.

"We offer the pet owners community what they fully deserve - a handy, easy-to-use site with a push-button publishing functionality and a beautiful design on top of it," their lead designer speaks. Their CEO, Mr Ragnar Sass, also adds that dogs and cats should have their websites set up as easily as setting up a blog at Blogger. I think we've done it, and we will be doing a lot more." That's right. They both confirm there are lot of new things to follow soon, which are currently being crafted by their busy paws in the company's labs.

Even if you don't have a dog or cat, it may just be fun to browse the cute photos of puppies and doggies one by one, or rate them in hot-or-not way.

To see all the features it's easiest to head down to http://www.uniteddogs.com and check them all out :) Woof-woof!

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