Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Doggie Brigade Returns!

Our doggie brigade(4 dogs, 6 people) has finally returned relaxed and refreshed from beautiful Tahoe California and with a ton of wonderful snapshots from our adventures!

Check out a paw full of our pup filled adventures below....

We camped at Tahoe Valley Campgrounds on the south side of Tahoe. Dogs are allowed there if they are on leashes (but if your pups are well behaved, you can let them off on your site)

Just a short walking distance away, there was a wonderful field that the dogs loved to run wild in.... (Vixen)

(Abbey, Nutmeg and Vixen)

....and just a few more steps away was a river full of endless amounts of fun for the doggies. (Vixen and Abbey using teamwork to bring a big log to shore)

Next we rented a boat and headed for Emerald Bay.... (Vixen enjoying the scenery)

Vixen and Abbey both wanted to be the skipper!

Once on shore the pups had a great time checking out the beach, greeting other campers and playing in the water. (Abbey, Vixen and Nutmeg)

Bailey discovered a nice stick floating around....

....and Abbey brought in a pine cone!

Everyone had so much fun....and this is only part of the adventure!
Stay tuned for pictures from our rafting trip on the Truckee River (4 dogs, 6 people, 1 raft = wet, wet, wet)

For more information on Tahoe, dog friendly campsites and activities, visit the links below:

Dog Friendly City Guide - Lake Tahoe, California

Fido Friendly, The Travel Magazine for Your & Your Pets - Dog Friendly Lodging

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Kluy said...

Bailey is one of my favorute dog!

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