Thursday, September 27, 2007

Splash Dogs - Hitting The Water Across The US

Does your dog love the water, I mean loves it so much they would rather be in the water than on land?? Well they just might have a future as a Splash Dog!

What is a Splash Dogs you ask? Well, I came across Splash Dogs when I happened to catch news coverage from the America's Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, CA. Immediately, I knew that my very own 2 year old Labrador Vixen had found her calling.

Below is a tid bit from the Splash Dogs website on what they are all about....


Dock jumping for dogs is fast becoming one of America's most popular outdoor events! Pets compete for distance, diving from a dock into a 25 foot pool. No other outdoor event brings families together better or puts more smiles on faces than Splash Dog events. Proud pet owners travel to these events from all over the region to compete. It's an incredible new sport that everyone loves!

Splash Dogs was founded by Tony Reed after discovering that his beloved Black Labrador, Sierra, took to the water like a fishÉa flying fish! Sierra is not only Tony's best friend but also a big hit on the Splash Dog circuit, jumping distances up to 20 feet!

Now, Splash Dog events are delighting thousands throughout the Western United States with many events in California and Nevada.

Splash Dogs have been seen at many events in California & Nevada.

• International Sportsmen Expos
• America's Pet Expos
• Splash Dog Fundraisers

Splash Dogs has also been featured on ABC Television in San Francisco and other major media outlets.

The Splash Dogs site is worth checking out just for the pictures. Check out tons of adorable water dogs catching some big air!

I can't wait until the next competition in CA, Vixen and I are so there. Want to meet up and join in the fun? Contact us at

To dig up more information on Splash Dogs, check out their website

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