Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pet Fire Safety

In Southern California, the smoke is starting to clear but our recent outbreak of fires reminds me of how quickly fires can spring up in our communities and how devastating they can be.

Our main goal in these situations is to protect our family, but what about our pets? What if a fire breaks out and you are not home? How can we make sure they are safe too?

I realized I didn't have any answers to these important questions and went on a search for tips for protecting my pet in case of a fire.

Check out the following pet protection tips from Dog Day After News:

- Keep your pet's current license and vaccination tags on his or her collar to
help with identification in case you become separated. The best way to ensure
easy identification is to have your pet micro-chipped.

- Prepare an emergency kit with important financial and personal information.
Include your pet's medical records and food.

- Have a plan for a friend, family member, or boarding kennel to take care of
your pet on short notice in case of an emergency.

- Use a Pet Alert rescue sticker to help make firefighters aware of your pets.

For other tips for pet fire safety, visit the helpful sites below:

Wildland Fire Safety for Your Livestock and Pets -
Pet Safety -
Wilshire the Fire Dog - Fire Safety -

1 comment:

HarisionC87 said...

HI there, I have just had fire safety inspection from I have been told I must sort out how I would get my 2 dogs out of the flat. Does anyone know how I can train my dogs to get to the front door when they here the fire alarm. I just looking for some advise.

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