Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iggy Takes Over Top 50

As 2007 comes to a close, it's always good to take a look back and think about the goods and the bads of the years past. It's also time for magazines and networks to put together their "Best of 2007" lists.

Polka Dot Pup happen to come across one list that was right up our alley. Details Magazine has released their December’s Power and Influence issue featuring a list of the year’s top 50 most influential men under 45. How is this pet related you may ask? Because one of the most publicized pooches of year made #29 that's why! Congratulations to Iggy, Ellen DeGeneres's one time adopted pup, for making a list that consists mostly of humans. That's one big feat for one pint sized pooch.

For those of you who don't recognize the name, Iggy brought a media frenzy when the pup was ripped from the hands of Ellen's hairdresser's family, whom Ellen had given the puppy to when she realized the pup and her cats just couldn't get along. Boy did this situation turn into a dog fight when the agency who Ellen had initially received the dog from, Mutts and Moms animal shelter, came a-knocking saying Ellen had breached her contract and than proceeded to remove the puppy from a home they claimed they did not know was suitable.To cut to the chase, Ellen broke down on her TV show pleading for the dog to be returned to the family and mass media coverage ensued.

Being a dog owner myself, I can only imagine how heart breaking it would be to have my dog taken away from me and I believe Ellen had good intentions at heart. At the same time the contract between Ellen and Mutts and Moms animal shelter supposedly did state that if Ms. DeGeneres could not keep the puppy than it would be returned to the shelter (though why couldn't they have just interviewed the family instead of taking the dog away??). Whichever side you were on for this doggie drama, I think the main issue that should have been highlighted was that Iggy find a family who loves him.

So two paws up to you Iggy, we hope that you are enjoying your lime light from the comfort of your new home!

To view the full list of Details Magazine's Top 50 most influential men under 45 including little Iggy, check out

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