Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dog Gone New Years Resolutions

2008 has arrived, a perfect time to dig up those resolutions that were forgotten over the past year. What better opportunity to create some pet friendly resolutions that you and your pet will enjoy together? I could think of a few for myself and my pup (take longer walks, head out to the dog park more often)., an online guide for pet travelers and their people, polled visitors to their website about what their top New Year’s pet resolutions would be. Check out what other pet owners are resolving to do in 2008:

10. No Table Scraps: Our four-legged friends won’t be happy about this one. No more people food from the table or placed in the pet bowl, and no more plate licking either.

9. Nail Trims: Keeping pets nails trimmed properly can be a real challenge but 2008 will be a year of fewer toe nails clicking on floors.

8. Disaster Preparedness: It doesn't matter what part of the country you live in., we can all be affected by disasters. Putting together a pet disaster plan and survival kit is the plan for many pet parents in 2008.

7. Brushing Teeth: It’s recommended that you clean your pet’s teeth at least once a week, but not many pet parents do this. Looks like it’s on the “list” now.

6. Healthy Treats: Looks like many of our furry friends will be saying goodbye to processed treats. Many pet parents plan on “treating” their pets to more natural and organic treats.

5. Sit, Stay, Down: Pet obedience and training ranks high in the top pet resolutions for the year. A well behaved pet is also a less stressed pet.

4. Car Safety: We’re very pleased about this one. Pet parents plan to invest in their pet’s safety in 2008. They plan to better secure their pets when traveling by car by using a pet car seat, pet safety belt, travel carrier, or pet barrier.

3. More Road Trips: Whether it’s a trip to Grandma’s house, a visit to the pet store, or a vacation to Hilton Head – pet parent’s resolve to do more of them with their pets.

2. More Bonding Activities: Pet parents have vowed to include their pets in shopping trips, dinners at pet friendly restaurants, and other pet friendly places.

1. More Exercise: Whether it’s walks, runs, fetch, or hikes. Getting Fido and Fluffy moving is the top New Year’s pet resolution.

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