Sunday, February 10, 2008


DIVINE CANINE: The Monks' Way to a Happy, Obedient Dog
Author: The Monks of New Skete

The Monks of New Skete are a rare breed when it comes to dog training. Based in Cambridge, New York, the monks from this Eastern Orthodox monastic community are known for their breeding of German Shepherds and are sought after for dog behavior dilemmas.

Divine Canine is their third book in a line of best sellers such as How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend and The Art of Raising a Puppy. I found the book to be a great hands on guide to tackling some common canine behavior issues. The reader gets to follow Brother Christopher through the training process of nine different dogs such as the bull-headed Bulldog Hugo or the dog with two faces, a Rottweiler mix named Boomer, all with diverse behavior problems. The imagery and stories within the pages of the book really allow you dive into the subject matter and get a first hand look into the Monks' training techniques.

I love the fact that this book is so easy to follow, each training session outlines the bio's for each dog, insight into their unruly behaviors and step-by-step descriptions on how they overcome their obstacles. Along with the training guidelines, the book offers amazing images, Q&A for commonly asked pet owner questions and quotes from the Monks themselves.

Polka Dot Pup recommends this book as a great guide for new pet owners or as a useful tool for someone who is looking to finesse or enforce the five essential obedience commands (sit, heel, stay, down and come) and enhance the bond between themselves and their pet.

To get more information on The Monks of New Skete and Divine Canine, go to You can also catch the Monks in action in their new series Divine Canine: With the Monks of New Skete, premiering on Animal Planet on April 18th at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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Written by Becca Plummer/Polka Dot Pup

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maureen said...

sounds like it might be useful. I'm going to give it a try..Thanks

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