Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dogs In the News

Dog Saved by Marine Gets Permanent Home

Having a brother who served in the Army, I have always considered the men and women in the armed forces as hero's. A recent story circulating in the news really shows another side of what is going on in Iraq and how our troops are not only trying to protect people but also animals.

Marine Maj. Brian Dennis, stationed along the Syria-Iraq border, befriended a male German shepherd-border collie mix while on patrol whom he named "Nubs" after learning that someone had cut the dogs ears.

Constant runs-ins between the two created a deep bound which only deepened when Dennis found Nubbs near death and helped him recover. Military policy does not allow pets in war zones so Dennis decided to send the pup to his home base in San Diego. With the help of his Iraq interpreter and family and friends, he raised $3,500 to get the dog from Amman, Jordon to San Diego where colleagues will be watching over and training Nubs until Dennis's safe return.

This is such an inspiring story about how these two found each other in the middle of a war zone.
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1 comment:

moggy said...

What a wonderful story and I'm sure that Nubs will show his gratitude and love everyday

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