Monday, April 28, 2008

Dog Mom's Mother's Day Guide

Dog Mom's Mother's Day Guide

Celebrate the Dog Mom in your life on May 11th because Dog Mom's are some of the best around!

Ever wonder what pets love the most about their Dog Mom's? Polka Dot Pups very own doggie correspondent Vixen did a puppy poll for the results.

Dog Moms.....
1. Feed our bellies with the very best din din
2. Are the queens of cuddles
3. Can't resist giving treats or purchasing cute pet toys
4. Turn all the heads at the dog park
5. Love going on dog friendly adventures
6. Always provide the latest gossip in our dog talks
7. Can never stay mad no matter what
8. Always have endless amounts of kisses
9. Make great pillows
10. Love us unconditionally

So cheers to all the amazing dog mom's out there!

See more of my Dog Mom's Mother's Day Guide list at ThisNext.


小莉 said...

The first thing I wanted to do was to thank the author for making such a beautiful blog!
Thank you very much for the pictures which are on the page. They are splendid!

Wyther said...

Those are such cute gift ideas!

I love your site, it's so informative and cute. :)

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