Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Product Review:
The Pooch IQ Test

What you Get:
  • 1 Pooch IQ Testing Booklet with 15 Exercises, Scoring Key, and Detailed IQ Explanations
  • 1 Extra Tuff Rubber Cone Toy
  • 1 5-Piece Plush Dog Puzzle
  • 1 Big & Furry Squeaky Bone
  • 1 Super-Bouncy Ball
  • 1 Hide-a-Treat Testing Toy
  • 1 Midnight Black Face Mask
  • 3 Colorful Plastic Pup-Cups

Is your dog the head of the pack or the dunce of the litter? The Pooch IQ Test puts your pets intelligence level to the test with some hair raising exercises. Did someone say pup quiz?

When Vixen and I received our Pooch IQ Test in the mail, we were presently surprised to find a carry bag filled with goodies! We eagerly pulled out the Testing Booklet and began our 15 exercises that tested Vixen on her Learning for experience, Short-term memory, Persistence, Ability to see similarities, Problem-Solving skills, Reasoning skills, Instinctive intelligence and Obedience intelligence. Each exercise includes easy to follow descriptions, steps to follow, materials and scoring instructions. After you've made it through all 15 quizzes and all the scoring is complete, you tally up your pups points and check out their IQ description. Although it was a few days process, Vixen made it through with flying colors! So what was Vixen's final score? It looks like we have our very own Polka Dot Pup "Top of the Class" on our hands. She scored a 141 out of 150!

I love the fact that this kit came with so many cool toys that Vixen can use over and over, she particular loves the purple bone plush squeaker toy! Do be aware though that you may not make it through all of the quizzes in one sitting, some of the exercises are quicker to test than others and a few require extra materials than what is provided. The one reason I really "dig" this product is you really get a chance to play with your dog and learn more about them. No matter what their score, each pup deserves an A+ in my book.

To learn more about Pooch IQ, visit http://www.poochiq.com/

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Maria said...

This is so cool! I am debating getting one for our dog. Love your site.

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