Friday, October 10, 2008

Celebrating Dog! - Dogs Rule Day 10-11-08

They fetch the paper, wake you up in the morning with licks, can play catch for hours on end, they are your four legged friend, your buddy, your dog! So here's to all the amazing dogs out there, it's about time they got their own holiday. On October 11, 2008 help celebrate the first ever Dogs Rule Day, an international holiday for dogs developed by Pedigree.

Can't wait to get in on the dog loving fun? Check out where you can upload your favorite photos and videos of you and your pet, join the official Dogs Rule Day Facebook and learn how you can help spread the word.

Here are a few ways Polka Dot Pup plans to celebrate:
1. Take a nice long walk or visit our local dog park for a game of fetch.
2. Offer up some extra belly rubs.
3. Visit our local pet store for a special treat of our pets choice.
4. Take some time off for an all dog day where its all about our pets.
5. Adopt a pet or volunteer at a shelter to help any pups in need.

Go to to discover 101 more ways to celebrate Dogs Rule Day.

Once the parties die down, we want to hear how you celebrated! Send your stories and pics to

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