Sunday, July 12, 2009

Doggie Pool Party

For the water dog in your life, summer is prime time for being poolside. A close friend of Polka Dot Pup, known by the pups as "Aunt Treats", holds an annual doggie swim party during the summer months that is all the ruff. Here are some tips for hosting your own amazing dog-friendly pool party.

1. Invite all your puppy friends (and their owners of course!)
2. Pick up pet-friendly and human treats, because everyone will be hungry after a good swim
3. Doggie proof the backyard, make sure there is nothing lying around that the dogs can get into
4. Have lots of towels on hand!
5. Lay out bowls of fresh water, its not good to drink pool water all day
6. Pack the pool with floating toys that the pups can play with and don't forget the tennis balls (Vixen's favorite!)
7. Have designated "life guards" on hand just to make sure everyone is safe and having a good time
8. And last but not least, have a doggone good time!

Here are just a few shots from this years Aunt Treats Doggie Pool Party -

"The water feels so good!"

"You go you go first...."

Break time

Time to dry off!

Check out more cute pictures of fellow water dogs in the pool!

For more information on throwing a pet-friendly pool party or to share your doggie pool party stories or other pet-friendly events, email


Rachel said...

Love the doggie pool party! I also love vintage and doggie stuff.(reference my huge collection of 30's scotty stuff) I just found your blog and like it lots. Come by and see me and my pack sometime at

Rachel said...

This looks like such a fun day!

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