Tuesday, March 6, 2007

From Pet Theft to Open Gates - How To Protect Your Furry Friend

What could be worst then coming home to find your gate open and your beloved pet missing? How about having your pet stolen?

Recently in Los Angeles, five purebred Yorkshire Terriers where stolen from their home by gunpoint. Two men posing as buyers pulled out guns once inside the breeders home and preceded to stuff the puppies and the owners own pet Yorkie into plastic bags before taking off.

Thanks to cameras that were installed in the home, the whole incident was caught on tape and I am happy to report that on March 4th the puppies were returned home after the invader turned himself into the police.

This event made me start thinking how best to protect my pet. It would break my heart to have her stolen let alone run away. So, I have compiled a list of ways that we can help protect our animals from the big bad world that exists outside our own picket fence.

1. License - It is important to have your dog licensed. That way if he or she does run away, you have a better chance of locating your pet if they have been picked up by the pound (not to mention you are saving yourself from fines you will have to pay!)

2. Identification Tags - Another helpful tool if your pet gets out. Whomever finds your pet can look at the tags and contact you. It is always good to include your address, city and state and phone numbers where you can be reached. Adding "Reward" is another good option to try and prevent pet theft.

To find out where to get some of these cute custom tags, go to www.brasspaw.com.

3. Micro-chips - If your pets tags somehow fall off or are removed, they can be scanned to see if they are chipped. The chips can include all your contact info so your pet can be returned.

4. Lock your gate - It is really important to always check to make sure your gates are closed and locked. That way know one can get into your yard easily and prevents a random wind storm from blowing your gate open.

5. Never leave your pet unattended in front of a store - Unless you know everyone in the neighborhood, it's not always a good idea to tie your pet outside the local Starbucks while you order a Latte. You never know who is going to walk by and decide to walk off with your furry friend.

6. Train your pets - It is always helpful for your pets to be familiar with your front yard and know their bounders.

Do you have a good pet protection suggestion that I left out? Send in your ideas and I will add them to the list!

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