Tuesday, March 13, 2007

POLKA DOT PRODUCT PICK - Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness

Do you have a dog that enjoys taking YOU for a walk? I have to introduce you to a product that has literally saved my life....from my dog dragging me down the street!

Meet the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness by Premier. Designed to discourage your dog from pulling, the Gentle Leader redirects pressure through a front leash attachment.
In other words, when your pup tries to take off down the street the front leash attachment redirects the dog in a semi circle so that he or she ends up facing you instead of going forward. After a few confusing jumps and circles from my pup, she finally gave in and has been completely manageable on walks ever since!

The product is sturdy, not too expensive and comes in great colors.
To check out where to buy the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness and other really great products from Premier, go to http://www.premier.com.


Leonore said...

I lost the directions on how to put this on my dog. Can you give me any tips?

Shure Pets said...

That is one great Harness.My trainer friends at PetSmart sware by it.

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