Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SHOPPING GONE TO THE DOGS - Should dogs be allowed in malls?

Over the weekend I took a trip to the mall to search out a cute outfit for a spring wedding. I was window browsing when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a lady and her Maltese entering a retail store. Then while eating lunch, there sat another little dog dining with it's owners at a table nearby. Both pets where not service dogs but just family pets going for a shopping trip with their owners.

I am a huge pet lover and I love to take my dog everywhere with me BUT when did it become popular to have your pup tag along on a trip to the mall?

Really....why take your dog or any pet to the mall? Malls are always crowded with people which could upset your animal, not many retail stores allow pets inside and unless their is a pet boutique featuring tons of yummy yummy treats, is your pet really going to have a good time?

I can understand having your pet with you when you stop by a coffee shop, if you are traveling and need to stop somewhere or if you want to bring your pet to the pet store with you but the mall? This may be stretching the line a little bit.

Could you imagine gliding into a retail store ready to try on tons of pretty things when you step in a little accident that someones pet has left behind (because we all know not all pet owners really pick up after their pets). I think some places should just remain dog free.

This is all my own personal opinion SO please let me know how you feel about this topic. Should pets be allowed in malls?

(This topic is not regarding service dogs)

1 comment:

Eurodog said...

Although I am into dogs, I feel dogs should not go into certain places. Malls is one of them; here in Brussels not all dog owners are responsable. Often mess does not get cleaned up and it's horrible. Of course it is those people you give dogs a bad reputation. What's more dogs on the whole do not like shopping. It is hardly a dog's natural habitat.

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