Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Unleash the Beast - A Dog Park Guide

Now that Winter has ended and Spring has arrived, what better time for you and your pet to stretch your legs and join the fun at a dog park?

I will admit, I was a little leery of the whole dog park idea at first. Hundreds of dogs running around off their leashes....who knew if the other dogs would want to be my pups friend or her bullies! Not to mention, I had a rough time locating a dog park nearby.

But after finally locating an amazingly large and well groomed dog park a few miles away, I have to admit that I have completely changed my mind. Vixen and I visit the dog park at least once a week now and it really is a fun activity for us both. Vixen enjoys chasing her tennis ball in all of the open space while I really love watching the different breeds of dogs (big and small) playing and having a great time together!

I really think any dog owner should try the dog park experience at least once. SO to make things a little easier, I have put together a list of sites that will help you locate a dog park in your area. Enjoy!

**I recommend that your pups have all of their current shots before going to any dog park. Remember that a large number of dogs visit each park daily.

Have a dog park in your area that you absolutely adore? Send us your story and the parks information and we may select the park for a future Dog Park of the Month Segment!

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Anonymous said...

I've found Doggeek.com Dog Parks very useful! Thanks!

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