Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween for Pets - Costumes and Shindigs

Halloween Hounds

Alright all you Halloween hounds out there still searching for the perfect pup-friendly costume, Polka Dot Pup has compiled a ghoulish list of gear sure to impress at any pet costume parade or shindig.

Speaking of shindigs, pet costume parties and parades are popping up all over the place. Know about a pet-friendly Halloween event in your area? We want to hear about it! Send the event information to Please submit your events no later than October 29 so that we can get them posted in time for Halloween.


chuks said...

Wow those are some great outfits. My daddy also took me to Pet Supplies to buy out fit for me for this Halloween and he bought me some cute outfits.

Dog Halloween Costumes said...

I love that so many people love to dress up their dog during Halloween. I also think that dogs enjoy all the attention they receive when they are dressed up and look so cute!

Golden Opportunity said...

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T.J. White said...

I’m dressing my dog up for Halloween today. She’s going to look so funny but I don’t care. Our pup is going out trick-or-treating with the kids. I just have to make sure my 6 year old doesn’t feed her any candy. I read a good article on on Halloween safety tips for pets. So I’m prepared to give my son a little speech to keep our puppy safe today.

kaps said...

very good outfits

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pets devil halloween costumes said...

These are the cutest costumes! I have a pug that dresses up with my daughter every halloween. I'm gona have to post some pics. Thanks.

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