Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pet 'Net Adoption Event - Celebrating Pet Adoption Across the Nation

In today's society, too many pets are waiting helplessly in shelters to be adopted. The Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) estimates that 6-8 million cats and dogs enter shelters each year. This October, the Pet 'Net Adoption Event is helping to spread the word about adoption in hopes to reduce these numbers. Isn't it about time you considered adoption?

Adopting a pet is a big step but well worth it. You've made the decision to walk into your local shelter and pick out your new best friend for the next 10-15+ years. If only adoption were so easy. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to adopting the perfect pet for you and your family!

One key thing to keep in mind when considering adopting a pet is that they are a full time job. They become part of the family and like children, require lots of attention and love. They are not cheap either. On top of food and everyday essentials, it is really hard to resist all the cute pet products out there on the market. Don't forget about training which helps pets to be better mannered and increases the bond between owner and pet. I mention these topics not to scare potential adopters, but to bring a realization to what it takes to raise a health happy pet.

We've made it past the basics, now it's time to think about what breed or mix would work best in your home. Do some research into what types of dogs or cats are out there and what which might work best for you. Consider size (large dog or small dog), temperament (extremely hyper or mellow), coat (in case of allergies), how well certain breeds do with other animals and people, what does your living situation permit (do you live in an apartment or travel frequently), these are all items that can affect your future pet-human relationship. Check out your local shelter or adoption center and sit down with the staff and ask lots of questions. Don't forget to take your time, this is a big decision.

Meet one of Vixen's very best friend's, Abby. Abby was adopted from a North Carolina shelter.

So you've made your decision, you found your perfect companion and are ready to take him/her home. Now what? Make sure to pet proof your home, pickup anything your new pet might get into. Stock up on pet essentials like an ID tag, collar and leash, a bowl for water and food, dog bed and crate, brush for coat and teeth and tons of toys of course! Set some boundaries, this will help your pet learn the rules around the house. Get to know your pet, figure out their behaviors and habits and help correct and reward them.

One of the most enjoyable steps to adopting a pet is just going out and having fun. The bond you share with your pet is so special. My heart goes out to all of the pets in shelters waiting to find their own family. Help make a difference in a pet's life and they will return the favor with lifelong love and friendship.

To learn more about the Pet 'Net Adoption Event, go to

For more tips on pet adoption and adoption shelters in your area, please visit the sites below:
Pedigree - Adopt a Dog
Pet Adoption Portal
American Kennel Club - Breed Rescue
The Humane Society of The United States
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)


Matt said...

Great tips for all of us dog lovers. Glad to be part of the Pet Net Adoption Event.

Briana said...

Thanks for the tips. After seeing how cute Abby is, I can't resist the idea of adopting a shelter dog.

Therese said...

What good info for someone thinking of adopting a new pet!

Johann The Dog said...

Great post with great info!

Woofs, Johann

nickysam said...

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